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We have series of dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals in various fields of our services to give technical support without any delay to our various CLIENTS. With your reputable organizational support and co-operation, we are ever ready to provide Standard IT Support Services at any given period; that is why we remain as one of the reputable IT Company in Nigeria with a dynamic, innovative approach to clients ’ demand that brought us confidence, proficiency and reliability globally.

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Incorporated under the law of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Demol Technologies is a leading integrated Information Technology Company, providing Integrated IT Support Services and Training in the area of Hardware, Software and other Computing Devices for such reputable organization globally.

      Computer Security Solutions  

All the attempts to protect your online privacy can have no effect in case you ignore your computer data security. Even you are using anonymous service to hide your IP address and to encrypt your entire Internet traffic; your computer may be vulnerable to network attacks, viruses, spyware applications, and data loss because of insufficient access protection. Viruses can be easily created using various “virus constructors” and sent to you by email as an attachment or uploaded exploiting your computer network vulnerabilities. As an example of specially created spying viruses (trojan viruses) we can refer to infamous "Magic Lantern".
Definitely, you will need special applications that will care of your computer security. Through our various alliances, we are ready to provide an excellent solution to help your organization in the area of:

  • Security Audits and Assessment
  • Enterprise Security Policy
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Software Firewall
  • Network Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Anti Spam Solution
  • Enterprise Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware Software Suite
  • Operating Systems Security Updates
  • Secure Browsers
  • Security Awareness & Training
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